Board Members
MABDA Membership
Membership dues are per school, not individual. Membership dues may be paid when registering for the conference.  If there are multiple attendees from one school, only one person needs to include dues on their registration form.  
Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the 2023 MADBA Conference 
Anne Balazs, President,  
University of Toledo
Michael Bedell, Vice President,
Northeastern Illinois University
Melissa Gruys, Treasurer,
Cleveland State University
Maritza Espina, Secretary,
St. Ambose University
Jennifer Percival, At-Large Board Member,  Bowling Green State University
Michelle W. Trawick, At-Large Board Member, University of Nebraska-Omaha
At the Omni Hotel, Chicago

2023 MidAmerican Business Deans Annual Meeting:
Leveraging Market Dispruption for Growth: How to Plan for the Future

The MidAmerican Business Deans Association provides a forum for chief administrative officers of the member organizations, and their representatives, to share and discover trends and innovations in higher-ed and industry that impact and foster student success. 
MABDA 2023
OCT 1st  - 3rd